The New Leaf Inclusion Centre

“It’s the journey, not the destination that shapes us.”

Welcome to the New Leaf Inclusion Centre

Our Aims and Ethos:

The New Leaf Centre aims to provide, a supportive, consistent educational environment for all students. Promoting positive mental health alongside academic achievement – whilst developing social skills, independence, self-motivation and respect for others.

We provide a personalised learning experience with the aim of securing a student’s successful reintegration/transition into an appropriate educational provision, and in turn, help equip them with the skills to achieve in their future.

Our core values, underpin everything we do:

  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Inclusivity


Our commitment to nurturing, student-centred approaches supports and inspires young people to:

  • resilience and determination in overcoming challenges they face within and beyond school;
  • become motivated by their  own personal and academic successes;
  • aspire to fulfil their potential as lifelong learners


We believe in preparing young people for the future by providing a high quality broad and balanced inclusive curriculum, which promotes:

  • key core values, skills and knowledge in which equality is promoted and difference is celebrated;
  • the development of flexible, adaptable learners who embrace challenge, communicate efficiently and work collaboratively;
  • social, emotional, physical and intellectual development


Our supportive community values and nurtures personal and academic progress. High expectations of staff, students, parents and carers leads to young people:

  • achieving personal, social and academic success
  • understanding and fulfilling their potential
  • developing the necessary skills and confidence to progress successfully to post-16 education, employment or training opportunities

Stuart Evans – Head Teacher

Latest News:

Coronavirus Update

UPDATE  - 16th March 2020

The latest update received today from Government:

Children who present with a new persistent cough or temperature should be in self isolation for 14 days.

Children who live in a home with someone who has a new persistent cough or temperature should stay at home for 14 days.

Please be reminded that the DfE has set up a helpline for parents to call 0800 0468687. Further information regarding education establishments can be found at the following addresses:

Term Dates:

Autumn Term 2019:
Term starts: Mon 2nd September
Half Term: Mon 28th October to Fri 1st November
Term ends: Fri 20th December

Spring Term 2020:
Term starts: Mon 6th January
Half Term: Mon 17th February to Fri 21st February
Term ends: Fri 3rd April
Easter holiday: Mon 6th April to Fri 17th April

Summer Term 2020:
Term starts: Mon 20th April
Half Term: Mon 25th May to Fri 29th May
Term ends: Mon 20h July