The New Leaf Inclusion Centre is a short stay school for pupils who have been excluded from mainstream education. We support pupils in all key stages, with the aim of ensuring they return to appropriate provision at the earliest opportunity.

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As a Pupil Referral Unit, admission to the New Leaf Inclusion Centre is managed through the Local Authority

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At The New Leaf Centre are offer a broad range of curriculum opportunities. Key to our teaching is the focus on individual pupil progress. We aim to inspire and provide each pupil with the opportunity to succeed. We understand that in the majority of cases pupils who attend The New Leaf Centre have struggled to access a mainstream curriculum for various different reasons; therefore we work hard to ensure an inclusive, engaging and balanced curriculum that creates opportunities for all pupils.

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The New Leaf Inclusion Centre
Pelsall Lane

Phone: 01922 716900 

Main Office hours - 08:30am - 3:30pm

Please contact Abeda Begum on 01922 716900 or abegum@newleaf.walsall.sch.uk with any enquiry.

Headteacher: Mr Stu Evans

SENDCo: Mrs Ashley Haffie-Hobday

Chair of Management Committee: Ms P. Furnival

Data Protection Officer: 

Paul Withers, Resources & Transformation, Civic Centre 3rd Floor (HR Suite) Walsall Council, Darwall Street, Walsall, WS1 1TP, Tel:01922 650970

Email Address: schoolsdpo@walsall.gov.uk



Our aims:

The New Leaf Centre aims to provide for students, a supportive, consistent educational environment which promotes positive mental health alongside academic achievement – whilst developing social skills, independence, self-motivation and respect for others.

We provide a personalised learning experience with the aim of securing a students’ successful reintegration / transition into an appropriate educational provision, and in turn help equip them with the skills to achieve in their future.

 Our core values underpin everything we do:

  • empathy
  • respect
  • empowerment
  • integrity
  • inclusivity


Our commitment to nurturing, student-centred approaches supports and inspires young people to:

  • develop resilience and determination in overcoming challenges they face within and beyond school;
  • become motivated by their  own personal and academic successes;
  • aspire to fulfil their potential as lifelong learners.


We believe in preparing young people for the future by providing a high quality broad and balanced inclusive curriculum which promotes:

  • key core values, skills and knowledge in which equality is promoted and difference is celebrated;
  • the development of flexible, adaptable learners who embrace challenge, communicate efficiently and work collaboratively;
  • social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.


Our supportive community values and nurtures personal and academic progress. High expectations of staff, students, parents and carers leads to young people:

  • achieving personal, social and academic success
  • understanding and fulfilling their potential
  • developing the necessary skills and confidence to progress successfully to post-16 education, employment or training opportunities