KS1/2 Learning Gallery

Butterfly Farm

Pupils in KS2 are learning about a range of minibeasts in their Beast Creator topic. As part of this we enriched their lessons with a visit to the largest butterfly farm in the UK. There are over 1000 butterflies living in a specially created tropical environment. 
This was a completely new experience for our pupils, and was quite overwhelming to walk through the doors to thousands of large butterflies surrounding us. I am very proud of the pupils for facing their fears and taking the time to enjoy this experience. Some butterflies were as big as your hand, and they often landed on you to take a little rest. One pupil even got one to land on her hand. 
The pupils also got to see several other animals and minibeasts that also live in the tropical habitat. These included the 2 resident Iguanas, Tarantulas, Axolotls, and the Giant African Millipede. We even got to see the Leaf Cutter Ants busy at work carrying leaves and flowers back to their nest. 
Back in class, the pupils will be writing a report about their visit and designing a minibeast of their own. 


Red group have been studying rivers and waterways in Topic. The pupils have visited the River Trent at Great Haywood as well as at the Wolseley Wildlife Centre. They have been able to identify the key features of the river including its meanders, confluence and see the impact of erosion on the riverbanks. The walkway has even had to be removed for safety reasons until they can build the riverbank back up. 
Pupils were also lucky enough to see a canal barge pass through the lock gate and witness the rising waters that allowed it to continue its journey along the canal. 

As part of our topic on rivers, the pupils visited Bridgnorth which sits on the River Severn. From Hightown, the pupils could see how the river has changed the landscape due to erosion and deposition. They identified key features of the river such as the meanders and witnessed the power of the current when they noticed trunks of trees being carried down the river at speed. They were able to understand the risk of flooding to the houses along the side of the river. Pupils experienced a journey on the Cliff Top Funicular Railway to travel from High Town to Low Town. This was a first-time experience for our pupils, who were nervous at first but enjoyed the views and were fascinated by how the funicular worked. 

"Gangsta Granny"
At the end of the term, pupils visited the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham to watch the David Walliams production "Gangsta Granny". 
Pupils have been reading the story prior to the visit. The enjoyed the production and were able to relate what they had seen at the theatre to what they had read in the book. They some of the differences between the theatre production and the book and discussed in their lessons why some of these differences might have occured. Snacks were enjoyed, excellent behaviour was on show and most importantly the students said they had an awesome time! 

The theory and practise link

At New Leaf we try to make all lessons as practical and 'hands on' as possible. Our pupils respond well to knowing how the practical relates to theory, and once this link is established, they will work diligently in their books.

Lunchtime rugby training

Decked out in their Christmas Jumpers pupils had the opportunity to take part in a beginners rugby session with Mr Lea, our rugby expert. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session and are keen to take part in more rugby practises.

Pupils had the chance to create and wear their Christmas jumpers on Friday 11th December. Helped by Mr Johnson they made some wonderfully creative  jumper designs whilst also raising money for Save the Children

Warwick Castle Visit

 As part of the Towers and Turrets topic, KS1/2 pupils visited Warwick Castle.

Waterstones Visit

To develop a love of reading, pupils had the opportunity to visit the local Waterstones store.They had the opportunity to browse the store, talking with staff about their favourite hobbies and purchasing a book each to take home and read 

Sea Life Centre - Birmingham

As part of our topic based curriculum, pupils had the chance to visit the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. KS1/2 pupils are covering the topic of "Land Ahoy" while Upper KS2 pupils are studying "Mini Beasts".

The pupils were able to utilise their learning from lessons to categorise different types of animals. In lessons they have been able to talk about their experiences at the Sealife Centre, applying what they have seen to their lessons. 

Primary pupils were able to view inside the ambulance and talk to the ambulance crew.

Secondary pupils were able to view the hub and the ambulance and received a talk about career opportunities in the service and the pathways that may be open to them.  

Some of our pupils visited Walsall Arboretum on Friday 20th September. This was part of their rewards for excellent behaviour and attendance throughout the week. The pupils enjoyed playing on the park equipment. There was also a game of "Cross Bar Challenge" with Mr Evans.

The weather was sunny and bright which meant that it was important for everyone to get an ice-cream as well!

Hollybush Garden Centre

Pupils had the opportunity to explore a variety of species of animals and pets at The Hollybush Garden Centre. The visit formed part of their "Beast Creator" topic - seeing at first hand a selection of mini beasts and insects. Pupils were able to identify similarities and differences between the animals, discussing why the animals had these characteristics.

Hollybush staff commented how polite and respectful the pupils were, testament to the efforts they make in developing their interpersonal skills.

Birmingham Dog's Home visit

Pupils attended Birmingham Dog's Home on the 17th May 2019, where they engaged in an outreach programme delivered by the dog’s home team. Pupils learned how to stay safe around dogs and took part in a ‘how to be responsible around dogs workshop’.

This was an engaging session for the pupils from start to finish. The Dog's Trust have invited the school back for a return visit in the autumn term.

Ash End Farm Visit

On the 9th of May, Primary pupils visited Ash End Children’s Farm in Tamworth.  We had a fantastic time looking at all the different animals.  We saw a lot of animals you would expect and some that were very unexpected!

We milked a fake cow and saw lambs.  We fed goats and sheep.  The reindeer and giant tortoise were a surprise.  They were moving the tortoise to it’s summer, outside home and it had to walk right past us! WOW! 

Finally we had a play in the Big Play Barn.  None of us wanted to leave and all agreed it was the best day.

Mood Wall

Alfie (Y6) helped staff to create a mood wall.

Science Week

Red Nose Day 2019 - Superheroes

Let's get cooking (and washing up!)

Here at New Leaf we aim to give the pupils a wide variety of skills. Some of our primary pupils have successfully made a treacle sponge - they tasted fantastic! English lessons were used to write up the evaluations of their creations.


RAF Cosford Visit