Silver Group English lesson

This lesson introduces a poem, 'Stealing' by the poet Carol-Ann Duffy. 
The poem pinpoints with great compassion the feelings of someone who may be unemployed or homeless and for whom the apparently pointless gesture of stealing a snowman becomes a bid for celebrity, a desire to impress themselves upon a world that seems to have left them behind.
Studying this poem not only affords pupils the opportunity to explore Duffy's language or device choices, but the context of Thatcher's Britain; the opportunity to compare context to now - why do people steal? What do you think should happen? What does happen?  
Undoubtedly, this lesson can always be relied upon to evoke curiosity, empathy and opinion!

Pupils are enjoying working on our new interactive whiteboards. Like the staff, writing on them takes some getting used to!  



As part of their Stargazer topic, KS3 pupils had the opportunity to visit the discovering amazing science about our planet and the exploration of our universe.

PE Lessons

Our PE lessons this year have seen us take to the astro turf to hone our football skills. Pupils have been able to develop their skills and abilities ready to take on other schools in the Midlands 5-aside tournament.

Dry slope skiing

To support pupils' wider experiences we took them to the dry ski slope in Stoke on Trent. The boots felt weird, the skis too long and cumbersome, nothing felt right. But with perseverance all pupils managed to control their speed using the snow plough technique, and from their smiles, they had some fun doing it!

Hollybush Garden Centre

Pupils had the opportunity to explore a variety of species of animals and pets at The Hollybush Garden Centre. The visit formed part of their "Beast Creator" topic - seeing at first hand a selection of mini beasts and insects. Pupils were able to identify similarities and differences between the animals, discussing why the animals had these characteristics.

Hollybush staff commented how polite and respectful the pupils were, testament to the efforts they make in developing their interpersonal skills.

Practical Science

As part of their science lesson, pupils had the opportunity to dissect a heart. Squeamish at first, they soon began to understand the workings and structure of the heart